Lost in Little Langdale

Yesterday I spent a delightful dawn and morning shooting in Little Langdale. For a part of the lakes which is noted as quiet and not often explored I met a LOT of people! It seems everyone woke up with my idea of lets go get lost in Little Langdale, who knows! I actually went out with more purpose than all that. I have been out for dawn at Slaters Bridge a couple of times over the last week but the conditions were never quite right. This morning was one of those where everything fell into place and I got the shot I had envisioned … this will be added to the greeting card range on the next print run and is already available as a Giclee print!!!

I was glad that I had gotten out early as the clouds came in late morning and the day became dull and a bit flat. Just the sort of day to light the fire in a lakeland cottage such as this below and snuggle down … instead of back to the old office to work 😉 I’d spied this cottage en route to Slaters Bridge and just had to call in again when I was leaving – what a spot! What a cottage!

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